Cover Art


Nothing but credit is given to the graphic artists who helped create the final product, with notable mentions to the others who attempted to get what was in the author’s mind onto the screen. Here for example is the final design chosen, as it very much captures the story. From the green’s representing the piercing nature of one of the main character’s eyes and her husband’s inability to see anything more perfect, to the infinity symbol integrated into the heart, it was important to keep things simple… The primary reason being that those main characters mentioned above, only ever wanted to focus on the simplicity of their unending hunger for all things each others body mind and soul.



Yikes. No reflection on the artist’s abilities, just how this is very far from what would do the story justice. Now without copying and pasting the suggestions given, suffice it to say butterfly’s and faceless humanoids were not mentioned. Either way this gives you a better understanding of the process of choosing the right cover.



Nice and simple, which was part of the focus as said with the final product. However it seemed a bit on the nose as romantic novel covers go, and lacked one main desire the author wanted to see depicted… The green that the one character was born with and that the other found refuge and survival through.